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Residential Energy Management

Privacy is a crucial matter to many people. Thanks to 2N solutions there is no longer a need for a stranger to visit anyone’s home to read the meter. Moreover, additional software for energy management will enable you to keep an eye on usage and reduce the costs of operation, based on a detailed assessment.

  • Remote reading of the input values
  • Comprehensive M2M solutions for Energy Management
  • Technical support during installation, integration and operation
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Residential Energy Management
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Take advantage of convenient and uninterrupted reading of all utility meters and sensors. Now you don’t have to take time off work because of a visit by utility company workers. Take advantage of the remote reading of energy readings, whereby everything is done remotely and without fuss.

This is a solution not only for remote data reading, but also a tool to manage usage; thanks to M2M from 2N the readings can be regularly analysed, and based on the findings, your usage adjusted so as to keep utility costs to a minimum.

Naturally enough, there is technical support available at all stages of using the 2N product, i.e. when installing, integrating and during live operation.

No Project Is Too Big for Us

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • Solution and Products Advisory
  • Design and planning
  • Design Review and Proof of Concept
  • Product and Software Customizations
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