With over 25 years on the market, we are proud of our achievements. Take a look at the key milestones in our company’s history.


Axis acquires a 100% share in 2N

Axis Communications AB, number one on the network video market, buys 2N. This opens the door to long-term development for our company.


2N is number one on the IP intercoms market

An IHS study reveals that 2N is number one on the IP intercoms market.


We launch an IP access system

2N develops a complex access system with contemporary functions and the advantages of using IP infrastructure.


Opening a branch in Italy

2N opens a branch in Italy, near Turin.


Market launch of 2N® Helios IP Verso

We launch the most modular IP telecommunications device on the market – the 2N® Helios IP Verso. With advanced security functions and an HD camera impacting door communication across the world, it becomes 2N’s flagship IP intercom.


Opening our first branch in the USA, Florida

We open a foreign branch in the USA, which in 2016 steers us towards leading IP intercom sales in North America.


New products in IP audio

With such a positive impact in all aspects of daily life, we uphold our commitment to IP technology, and will continue including IP audio products in our portfolio.


We launch the world's first IP intercom

We are the first in the world to develop and launch an IP intercom on the market. 2N® Helios IP Vario will look forward to more than ten years of sales.


We launch a solution for managing SIM cards

We launch a technologically advanced solution for managing SIM cards that strengthens us with a leading position as a supplier in GSM termination for alternative operators.


We introduce the 2N® Netstar IP telephone exchange

We successfully develop the first new generation communication system that will let us deliver solutions to leading mobile and landline operators all over the world. We shift our focus towards IP technology and the online environment.


2N – number one on the termination market

As the first on the market we present a unique VoIP GSM gate and are number one on the mobile termination market.


We deliver an alternative to landlines – 2N® EasyGate

2N® EasyGate, an analogue gate, is the first 2N product to break the 100 thousand units sold barrier (more than half a billion units will eventually be sold).


We successfully sell 2N® Stargate

2N enjoys a sharp rise in turnover and profit because of successful sales of 2N® StarGate, a very powerful gate for connecting mobile and landline telephone networks.


2N becomes a joint-stock company

We transform from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company.


First participation IN CeBIT

For the first time ever we participate in the CeBIT foreign trade fair in Hannover, where our foreign sales division enjoys its first successes.


We develop the first GSM gate

We develop the first analogue GSM gate, allowing our users to make fundamental savings on calls to mobile networks. A marketing campaign promotes the benefits of the product to our customers.


A market share peak in the Czech Republic with the ATEUS 420 exchange

With 14% of the total market for telephone exchanges, we are just behind Siemens (15%) and Panasonic (19%).


First telephone exchange launched

We launch the first ATEUS 280 telephone exchange, and soon become one of the best manufacturers on the Czech market.


2N begins

2N was established by three friends (Messrs. Hofman, Pihan and Brychta) in Na Nivách street in Prague. Within a few years it becomes a leader in developing telecommunication solutions.

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