Why join us

We are an open and friendly company. We create things that people make use of and we do enjoy it!

What the numbers say about us

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Development and education

Employee development is our priority

We build on our strengths and give each other feedback, we have 25 internal coaches and we learn from each other. Our personal and professional growth is based on these principles. We provide opportunities for development in the form of workshops, trainings as well as participation in projects throughout the company. We give our people possibilities for their career growth, filling our management positions largely from our own ranks.

People and company culture

We have great managers dedicated to self-improvement who are interested in their people and communicate with them openly.
Everybody is responsible for their results which they share with others.
We are friendly and considerate. We cooperate and respect each other.
The result matters more than process. We welcome change, whenever it makes sense.
In exchange for ideas and motivation, we offer trust and possibility to make decisions.
We keep work and personal life well balanced.


  • Shares in the company’s success
  • Trainings, language courses
  • Flexible working hours
  • Additional holiday entitlement
  • Meal vouchers/ on-site canteen
  • Life/Pension insurance
  • On-site childcare

We also offer

sports facilities (we are located near cycle track), a cafeteria and cheap phone plans, a modern and friendly working environment

What our people say
Josef Bešta
Strategic Account
& Sales Support Director
"I’ve been working at 2N for 13 years now and I can say, hand on heart, that personal development here is really possible. There are opportunities to grow within the company (I started as a sales representative for the Czech Republic and now I’m member of top management) as well as the possibility to influence things. The rule “every good idea is rewarded” holds true. One thing I personally appreciate and value greatly is the chance to learn something new every day, beneficial not only for 2N but also for my personal development. All of this contributes to my motivation which results in my trying to do the very best."
What our people say
Duong Minh Vuong
Area Account Manager
"The sales representative is a person who should be a bridge between cultures and be able to draw them together. To succeed in foreign markets, he or she must first study the local business culture and play by the local rules. Ethnicity, language and geographical location play an important role in each sale. 2N allows all representatives to put their own strategy, in line with the company’s objectives, into practice. We have an open, multicultural environment here where contribution of every individual is taken into account."
What our people say
Jiří Tuháček
SW Developer
„As I have small children, some still of preschool age, it’s great to have childminding available when needed. I simply take my kids to work with me in the morning and they are taken care of in our childcare, located in the same building I work in. This is a very practical benefit for me, and the children have come to love it here.“
What our people say
Lukáš Dibelka
SW Developer
„Part of my job as a developer is not only to do the tasks I’ve been entrusted with, but also have the opportunity to come up with my own ideas and improvements. Everyone can, after approval, try out or use a new interesting technology, develop a new product feature or even a completely new product. It’s entirely up to us to what extent we transform our ideas into something useful and beneficial.“
What our people say
Jiří Krejčí
Head of Purchasing
„I’ve been working at the company for 20 years now and I can say there’s never a dull moment at 2N. Even after such a long time I still enjoy getting up in the morning to go to work. I like people I work with for being able to appreciate and celebrate success and on the other hand to acknowledge a mistake when it happens, and learn from it. I am glad that at 2N I am involved in producing devices used by people all over the world and I am proud to come across our products even in the most unexpected places.“

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