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Residential Video Door Communication

Welcome your visitors in style. Choose the stylish door intercom from 2N. You will see the benefit not only of increased security for your loved ones, but also the modern design, ground-breaking functionality and materials that are resilient to the utmost.

  • Excellent intelligibility even in noisy environments
  • Wide-angle colour camera with CCTV link
  • The highest durability on the market
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Residential Video Door Communication
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All 2N IP intercoms have advanced features for communication with visitors. These include, most especially, two-way voice communication. Thanks to the quality of the HD audio, you will feel like the visitor is standing next to you. What’s more, during a call you’ll see the intercom HD camera image, and thanks to night vision, even in total darkness.

As a result you’ll always be able to tell a family visitor apart from an uninvited guest. The intercom will send a picture of the visitor’s face to your email, thus giving you the benefit of identifying any potential burglars. What’s more, the intercom is thoroughly ruggedized and always notifies you of any burglar’s efforts to damage it.

You can respond to the video call from your entrance intercom via the interior touch-screen unit, the 2N® Indoor Touch. You can also use your mobile phone or tablet to receive the call. Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video application you can pick up the call easily from your garden, an office meeting or even while abroad.

2N door communication solutions will meet all your needs. You will appreciate not only the highly secure access to your house or housing complex, but also the ease of use.

Customer Success Stories
2N Access Control System in a Residential Complex
Two brand new residential complexes have been built in the centre of Prague under the name Sacre Coeur, offering a total of 188 modern residential units and 4 commercial premises. Both residential complexes have won awards in local and international architectural competitions. The safety of the tenants and owners was a clear priority, but the design of the access control system also had to fit the project.

"The most important criteria for our client when choosing a solution were the design and reliability of the products. That’s why we chose 2N IP intercoms and 2N® Indoor Touch answering units, which met the demanding requirements of this luxury residential housing project."
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Customer Success Stories
Award-Winning Retirement Village
Bournville Gardens Retirement Village offers both alternative and traditional care for people 55+. With 212 apartments, including 80 bed care home and health centre, it can provide a place for 300 residents. Due to the number of residents, retirement home employees and visitors, a fully - integrated intercom and access control system were a must. The integrator, Total Integrated Solutions, in cooperation with our partner CIE had to prepare and put in place an extremely user-friendly solution.

"Not only are the 2N products a fad of modern technology, but they are user-friendly enough to be used by elderly people. That makes them a perfect choice for the Bournville Gardens Retirement Village."
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Customer Success Stories
Luxury Residential Complex under the Protection of 2N
A luxury complex of five distinctive apartment buildings has been built not far from Prague, designed by one of the leading Czech architects. An integral part of this luxury is also the safety of residents and protection of their property. For this reason, one of the requirements was the ability to integrate the access control system with Home Automation systems and the option of further integration with third-party systems.

"2N products are an integral part of our “FlowBox” projects and installations due to their versatile configuration. We particularly appreciate the wide range of options offered by the application interface, which allows us to link access components with other technologies in our buildings. The result is a friendly and intuitive user environment."
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Customer Success Stories
2N Access Control for Luxury Apartments
A building, once used as a hospital, in the centre of London was to be turned into 24 apartments. The building was intended for the high-end market, with requirements for luxury equipment and the latest technologies. Integration with a Control4 home automation systems and remote answering of calls from the door were a must. Finally, delivered by our partner CIE and installed by Imaginise, 2N products were implemented.

"I would certainly recommend the 2N system over the competition - it’s proved to have the scalability, the interface and the user-friendly applications that are second nature to people these days. It really is 21st Century technology."
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Customer Success Stories
2N IP Intercom Increases Security of the Home Automation System
Elsat is one of the leading companies in development of Smart house systems in Serbia. The system is called tenLogic and it is very famous locally. Implementing the 2N® IP Vario in this installation provides the user of tenLogic system with the comfort of communicating with visitors via SIP video soft phone and opening the doors remotely. Once the intercom is installed in the system, the user can communicate in the house not only via the TV set, but also via PC or tablet.

"One of the requested features was increased security, and that is when 2N® IP Vario is needed. The best benefit that our client can offer now thanks to the intercom is that smart houses equipped with tenLogic system can now enable video communication for all visitors."
Julija Firsova-Milovanović
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