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Handsfree Video Communication

In all residential complexes and family houses the residents want to see and hear who and why is ringing at their door. Nobody wants to take the lift down 20 floors or go right up to the entrance every time there’s a ring at the door. A video intercom with a hands-free answering unit is the perfect solution.

  • Luxury display with proper glass
  • Receiving calls from the door
  • Interconnected with the camera system
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Handsfree Video Communication
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Take advantage of the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator that is so easy to connect with 2N IP intercoms or IP cameras. It allows you to take video calls from the entrance, all without the need to pick up a handset. You quite simply open the door for your visitor remotely and explain to them where they will find you. Or in the case of postal deliveries you can ask the delivery person to leave the package at the front desk or by the garage, say.

In addition, you can play the video from the communicator whenever you need it. This allows you to see if, say, your children are still where they were last seen playing in the garden. You can also use the 2N® Indoor Touch display to check on missed calls, including images of the caller or you can set the “do not disturb” mode at night.

You have the benefit of being able simply to set up everything via the shock resistant glass touch panel. Thanks to HD quality audio you will always hear crystal clear sound and with its echo suppression you’ll feel like you’re talking to your caller face-to-face.

In sleek black or white styling this multifunction communicator fits right in to any interior. What’s more, it is ready for the installation of other home automation features. By agreement with your smart household supplier you can get control of window shutters, air conditioning, lights, floor heating and the security system.

No Project Is Too Big for Us

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • Solution and Products Advisory
  • Design and planning
  • Design Review and Proof of Concept
  • Product and Software Customizations
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