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Lift Access Control Solution

Access to individual floors of a building is part of a complete IP access control system. You can now offer limited access to just the floor residents live on in your project. Common floors will be accessible to everyone. Residents will identify themselves using the 2N device in the lift cabin and the system will allow them to travel to selected floors depending on their authorisation. This will naturally increase building security to the next level.

  • Access to selected floors only
  • Various identification options
  • Suitable for up to 40 floors
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Lift Access Control Solution
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The solution consists of a 2N device located in the lift cabin. This can be any 2N Access Unit reader, 2N Access Unit 2.0 or selected intercoms equipped with access control technology. Users can identify themselves using an RFID card, fingerprint, PIN code or Bluetooth technology in their mobile phone. A special licence for 2N devices – 2N IP Intercoms Lift Module License (9137916) or 2N Access Unit Lift Module License (9160401) - is required for correct functionality. This licence is not included in the Gold License.

An AXIS A9188 Network I/O Relay Module for lifts (9160501), which is used to control lifts, is an essential part of the solution. The relay is capable of controlling up to 8 floors. Do you need to handle access control in a bigger building? You can connect up to 5 modules to one 2N IP reader, which increases the number of controlled floors to 40.

The last part of the solution is 2N® Access Commander, version 1.13 or higher. This software for bulk administration enables the configuration of residents’ authorisation to access individual floors.

This solution is ideal for residential projects and office buildings.

Example of Typical Connection