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Home Entrance Video Monitoring

Keep track of what is happening outside your front door. Thanks to the 2N® Mobile Video service you can use your mobile phone to communicate with your visitor via the 2N IP intercom installed at your door. With its non-stop video monitoring of your building entrance you are always an attentive host to your guests.

  • Always reachable
  • Clarity about what is happening outside the house
  • Open the door to visitors remotely using your mobile phone
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Home Entrance Video Monitoring
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Your mobile phone or tablet will display a video of the person visiting you. Even if you are not on the local area network that the 2N® IP Verso door intercom is connected to. You can make use of it e.g. when a package is being delivered. You can easily let the shipping agent know they should leave the package just by the entrance door, which you can unlock for them remotely.

So how does it all work? You need only be logged on to the portal and have the intercom online, logged on to our 2N® Mobile Video website service. 2N IP intercom calls will then be redirected to your mobile phone or tablet, regardless of where you are. For smooth functioning you need only have data services enabled on your mobile device.

With the 2N® Mobile Video service you also get an overview of who came to visit you when you were out. What’s more, you will have a video stream from the intercom camera at your disposal. This will let you take a look at what’s happening outside your door at any time.

Burglars always ring the door before a break-in, to check if there is anyone at home. They will be very surprised if you answer them via your mobile application. You can take their snapshot right away by pressing the app button.

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