2N® SIP Mic

A SIP based microphone console for paging can appeal not only by wooden designer case, but also by various advanced functions such as broadcasting to 12 zones, two-way communication thanks to an inbuilt speaker, or playing back pre-recorded messages. All these functions are available without the need of server or distance limitations.

  • Server-less paging to up to 12 zones
  • Two-way communication
  • Pre-recorded announcements
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Features & Benefits

  • Server-less paging to up to 12 zones
    2N® SIP Mic uses a multicast technology and sophisticated controlling mechanism hence enabling communication to up to 12 zones. Moreover, the microphone console- speaker connection is straight forward, no server needed.
  • Two-way communication
    Call from the 2N IP intercoms to the paging console with an inbuilt speaker thanks to SIP protocol.
  • Pre-recorded announcements
    Upload or record a message via the microphone and then play it by simple push of a button to a designated zone.
  • Easy configuration
    Zones, priorities and announcements prepared in advance can easily be set up in the clean web interface.
  • Integration with an AXIS solution
    The 2N® SIP Mic microphone console is fully integrated into the AXIS Audio Manager central control software. Also, thanks to support for AXIS Vapix®, announcements can be made using AXIS cameras or speakers.
  • Easy installation with a single cable
    The 2N® SIP Mic is very easy to install simply by connecting it to an existing IP network with a PoE cable.
  • Listen-in function
    At simple press of a button one can listen to what is happening in certain zone.
  • Support for IP PBX (SIP)
    The 2N® SIP Mic device may function independently or be simply connected to IP PBX.
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Technical Parameters

Audio parameters
Audio stream: SIP2.0, RTP multicast, VAPIX®
Audio codecs: G.711u, G.722, L16
Speakers: 2 build-in, stereo, power output 2x2W, impedance 2x8 Ohm
Logical inputs: 2, galvanically separated, sensitive to contact or voltage from 5 to 48V
Relay output: 1, galvanically isolated, NO and NC contact, max load 48V, 1A
Headphone output: 3.5mm jack, stereo, power output 2x30mW, min. load impedance of 16 Ohm, DR. 101dB, THD+N -85dB
Primary microphone input: symmetric, XLR, integrated phantom power supply 24V, DR 88dB, THD+N -82dB
Headset microphone input: 3.5mm jack, integrated power supply for electret microphones, DR 84dB, THD+N -78dB
Line input: 3.5mm jack, mono or stereo non-symmetric stereo, DR 93dB, THD+N -82dB
Power supply
External power supply: 12 to 32V, power draw max. 1A
Power over Ethernet: PoE to 802.3af standard
Mechanical properties
Dimensions: 209 x 65 x 143mm
Operating temperature: 0°C – 40°C
Buttons and labels
Label dimensions: 39.6mm width x 9mm height
Double button: 28mm x 14mm
Single button: 14mm x 14mm
Smal buttons: 9mm x 9mm
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Compatibility with Global Technology Partners

Get to know the wide range of technologies which are compatible with our products.