04.10.2017 Solutions

Use the 2N Helios IP Intercom to Its Maximum Potential

Security of people and companies maintaining critical data is increasingly important. However, to enhance security, this often entails demanding administration, the need to extend capacity and an advanced implementation of a technological solution. But what if it was simpler?

You can simply use the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercom to increase your security, along with the Farsight security agency monitoring software and the 2N® Indoor Touch response unit. The image and sound from the integrated camera and microphone transfer from the 2N® Helios IP Verso into the monitoring software. The software then filters out undesired calls and checks on whether the person entering the building is not under pressure from an attacker.  The company or tenant in a building then receives only verified video calls to their 2N® Indoor Touch and remotely opens the door for the visitor.

Do you like this solution? And what if we tell you the entire system is also interconnected with an alarm? Take a look at our case study suggesting how we could help you resolve your particular situation.