11.10.2017 Company

New 2N Career Video: Join Us on Your Future Career Path

In today’s digital world, regular text advertising is ceasing to be attractive to many applicants and recruitment videos are becoming increasingly prominent. For this reason, our HR Department is keeping up with current trends and starting to use this new form of communication to help fill positions vacant.

The video introduces the exceptional working atmosphere at our company and the creation of our main product, the 2N® Helios IP Verso, to job applicants. By examining the intercom, it provides an insight into the work of all the departments that participate in its development, production, and market launch. Candidates thus get to know how things look at 2N, the atmosphere, the people they will be working with, as well as other reasons why they should work for our company.

Filming with cameras and drones took place during August and September under the guidance of HR and the Marketing Department. The icing on the cake is that the starring roles in the video were played by 2N employees, even members of top management.

And how did the video turn out in the end? Take a look for yourself!