11.09.2017 Software

Great New Features in the Latest 2N® Access Commander 1.8

We just released a new version of the 2N® Access Commander system with many new features and improvements. It will help you better organize your visitor cards, maintain your own user-base and simplify display configuration for 2N Helios IP intercoms.

A new Visitor Cards module enables easy access rights management for visitors to office or administration buildings. During the issue of a visitor card, the operator enters the visitor’s name and purpose of their visit, or can setup an optional time-limited access. When this card is used again, data can easily be updated.

Another significant improvement is synchronization of CSV file users. This function automatically adds or removes users through CSV file synchronization. You’ll find this particularly useful in larger-scale installations that require frequent changes of users maintained in external databases. With synchronization, third party systems are easily integrated with the 2N® Access Commander environment, ensuring automatic updates as needed – hourly, daily or weekly.

The setting of the 2N Helios IP intercom with the 2N® Access Commander interface has also been entirely revamped. The new configuration is intuitive, using a drag & drop function for listing and automated completion. Management is now far easier and faster.

See our release notes for a complete overview of new features and a downloadable file. If you are already using the 2N® Access Commander system, it can easily be updated from the Settings section.