03.09.2018 Software

Firmware Full of Innovations for Lift Systems

The innovations brought by the new firmware for 2N® Lift1 and 2N® Lift8 lift communicators significantly increase user comfort and modify certain functions.

2N® Lift1

  • Localisation of announcements – optimisation of the number of announcements and memory used enables a greater number of languages to be supported. The following language sets are currently available: English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Slovak.
  • The ALARM 2 button has changed to a context button – the function of this button now changes according to the communicator mode.
  • Changes to certain default parameters – for instance, the minimum period for which the ALARM button must be held down has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.

2N® Lift8

  • “Hold down the alarm button” – this function, which defines the period for which the alarm button must be held down in order to make an alarm call, regardless of cancel button status, has been added in order to meet the requirements of the new standard.
  • Remote determination of the time remaining until the next control call – it is now possible to call the lift communicator in order to verify functionality and correct settings, which then automatically announces the number of hours, minutes and seconds until the next planned control call.
  • Support of third party devices – 2N® Lift8 now supports devices for monitoring operating parameters in lifts Variotech Liftsafe.

The above innovations are just examples of the improvements made to individual products. All innovations to the new firmware can be found in the release notes in the Firmware section.