05.12.2018 Company

Announcement of Management Change in 2N

We’re pleased to announce that Michal Kratochvíl has been appointed as new CEO for 2N from January 1st. Oldřich Stejskal, the present CEO, has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors at 2N.

Michal Kratochvíl started as Business Development Manager at 2N 16 years ago. During the last 11 years, he has had the position of Sales Director in 2N and has worked closely together with CEO Oldřich Stejskal. Michal has been selected as a person who can maintain the successful development of 2N, long-term mutually beneficial relationship with 2N partners and customers and continue the wonderful company culture, whilst maintaining 2N and AXIS common values.

This change was initiated recently by 2N CEO Oldřich Stejskal who has decided to move on from the day-to-day operation and focus on long-term strategic tasks instead. He has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors at 2N starting January 1 and will work in the board together with Peter Lindström director New Business and Fredrik Sjöstrand CFO at AXIS.

“From January, I’ll be a 2N Board Member, where my new challenge will be the long-term strategic development of 2N within the AXIS Group and I am looking forward to work in the board together with Peter Lindström and Fredrik Sjöstrand. The rest of my time will be spent realizing my personal plans for which I did not have enough time or energy in the past,” says Oldřich Stejskal.

“I want to take the opportunity to welcome Michal as the CEO of 2N and member of the New Business management team. I believe that with Michal as the CEO we will continue to strengthen 2N’s position and be a strong contributor to reach the overall New Business goals and vision. I also would like to express my greatest gratitude for all the tremendous work and effort made by Olda in his role as CEO and I look forward to our continued work in the 2N board,” said Peter Lindström.