10.04.2018 Special Offers

2N® Mobile Video Service for Project Prices

Are you planning to use the 2N® Mobile Video service in a project with a larger number of devices or a longer subscription period? Purchase this service by means of the 2N distribution network at advantageous project prices.

The advantageous project price is based on the number of devices and the duration of the subscription period:

Order number Subscription period Min. number of devices
(= number of subscriptions)
9137943 1 year 15 devices
9137944 3 years 5 devices
9137945 5 years 3 devices
9137946 10 years 2 devices

When placing your order please give the order number, the number of devices and the My2N ID for the “Site“ of your project.

For details regarding the price terms for purchasing a subscription to the 2N® Mobile Video service, please contact your distributor or 2N directly.

*Comment: This offer does not apply to the North American market.