2N® Access Commander

Система контроля и управления доступа за 10 мин

2N® Access Commander – это профессиональная система контроля доступа, основанная на IP технологии. Ее основным преимуществом является простое и интуитивное управление. Такую систему  могут установить и использовать не только квалифицированные специалисты,  но и люди без опыта в установке и настройке подобных систем. И это все без необходимости прохождения специальных обучающих курсов и изучения сложных инструкций.

Основные характеристики продукта:

Однако, 2N® Access Commander больше, чем просто инструмент для управления доступа в ваш объект. Его неоспоримым преимуществом является также и то, что он имеет встроенный модуль учета посещаемости сотрудников. Это означает, что таким образом, вы получаете два решения в одном. Таким образом, отпадает необходимость инвестирования дополнительных средств еще и в систему для учета рабочего времени ваших сотрудников.

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2N® Access Commander

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17.05.2016 2N® Access Commander software - Product leaflet (RU) 172.51 kB PDF
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08.11.2016 2N Access Control - Product Presentation (EN) 10.27 MB PPTX
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16.02.2017 Software 2N® Access Commander v1.7.0 446.99 MB OVA
13.12.2016 Software 2N® Access Commander v1.6.1 425.26 MB OVA
04.01.2017 2N Plugin for Milestone XProtect® Access - 1.2.1 722.21 kB ZIP
29.07.2016 Software 2N® Access Commander v1.5.0 641.20 MB OVA
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12.12.2016 Software 2N® Access Commander - User Manual (EN) - LINK
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10.03.2017 2N IP Intercom & Audio Catalogue (RU) 2.34 MB PDF
Features in version 1.7.0:
* Cam logs - 8 snapshot pictures for selected events in access or system logs
* Full support USB Bluetooth dongle - another way how create BT access for users
* One common PIN for all zone - one access PIN for complete zone
* Export access logs - export all or selected access logs to CSV
* Export emloyees attendance - export multi select emloyees attendance to CSV
* Page sorting users - page sorting 15,50,100 user per page
* Group notification - one preselected notification group for main monitoring of devices, UX updated
* Import users from Helios IP - import users to ACom from select Helios devices

Improvements in version 1.7.0:
* Optimizing Dashboard - faster loading than before
* Attendance time intervals - updated inputs and outputs
* Device password - improvement devices password behavior
* Back-up devices - UX updated
* Linux password - force change default password for better security
* Possibility to display hide Tutorial
* Fix more than 20 small bugs
!! Important note: if you make an upgrade from version 1.5.0 to version 1.6.0 then you will get an unspecified error message after successfully finished upgrade process. Kindly press "F5" or "CTRL"+"SHIFT"+"R" to refresh a page in your web browser. You will be logged out and you will see actual version 1.6.0 in the bottom right corner of login page. Then you can continue with the new version.

Improvements in version 1.6.1:
* Improved password admin set up
* Several Bug fixes

Features in version 1.6.0:
* Bluetooth support - configuration and management of Bluetooth access credentials directly from 2N® Access Commander
* Forced change of default password - admin is forced to change the default password after the first login
* Automatically generated login password for newly created users
* Access Commander will automatically generate new secure password for connected devices
* Time restricted access rights - specification when access right of a user starts and when ends (set "Valid from" and "Valid to" parameters)
* Preconfigured default SMTP server (it is recommended to use your own server that you have under a control!)

Improvements in version 1.6.0:
* Major visual improvements iTime profiles and Attendance module
* Date picker - easier way how to set or selecet specific date (e.g. filter in logs)
* 2N® Helios IP Base is supported by 2N® Access Commander
* Possibility to change "Device name" during the adding process from Scanner or re-write the name on Device detail
* Changed format of "Time" and "Balance" in user´s Attendance (format is now hh:mm)
* Improvements in LDAP (connection to Active Directory)
Features in version 1.5.0:
* IMPORTANT: Licence is now based on serial number of any 2N® Helios IP intercom or 2N® Access Unit managed via 2N® Access Commander - all previously generated licenses (based on “Computer ID”) need to be re-generated during next 3 months after upgrade to this version! Please contact your distributor to obtain new license file.
* Totally new design of web interface (Google Material Design)
* Integration with Milestone XProtect® Access – access logs from 2N® Access Commander are interconnected with video from monitoring cameras in one powerful interface (Milestone XProtect Client)
* Integration with Active Directory (LDAP support) - licensed feature!
* Device monitoring board – real-time monitoring of connected devices (SIP proxy registration, Tamper alarm, Forced door, Audio Loop test and several others)
* Email notifications – different types of alarms and errors occurred on connected devices
* Time profiles can have multiple intervals
* Global search in the system – easy way how to find users, devices, groups or zones from any place in the system
* Public REST API documentation for 3rd party integration
* New access event types added to system logs – audio test failed, noise detected, tamper switch activated, forced door, too long opened door, etc.
* Public holidays are reflected in created Access rules
* System log filtering
* New user´s privilege added to the system – user who can manage access rules

Improvements in version 1.5.0:
* Major visual improvements in Attendance module
* Employee ID for 3rd party system integration
* Possibility to temporarily disable selected devices
* Global CSV export for attendance records
* We made over 370 improvements
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