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Entrance Security

Securing the entrance to your house, office building, or a large buildings complex is the first thing toward having a quiet, peaceful day. That’s why you need to guard against vandalism, theft, or unauthorized entry to the premises.

  • Linked up with a security and camera system
  • Visual verification
  • Multi-faceted entrance protection
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Entrance Security
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2N door intercoms and access units offer advanced security features. For example, there is access control using RFID cards, sending snapshots of visitors direct to your email, or calling a mobile phone or tablet complete with video. Moreover, an HD camera integrated in the intercom will, thanks to its night vision, allows the recording of high definition images even in total darkness.

Our video can also be easily hooked up to your camera- or security system. Using the logging records made by the intercom you’ll have no trouble identifying who was at your door, when, and easily locating the appropriate part of the video record. Thanks to the door intercom being placed at eye level, you’ll also get a close-up of each visitor’s face, making it easy to tell potential burglars apart.

Other security features include a safety relay, designed to thwart tampering with the lock. A useful feature is the switch that detects unauthorized intrusions into the intercom or the access unit.

2N products are just the right solution for entrance security. They are ready to face the onslaught of vandals and thanks to their being the most rugged on the market they stay fully functional even in extreme climatic conditions. They provide you with one hundred percent protection of your doors at all levels.

Customer Success Stories
A7 Office Center: Transition from Analogue to IP
The facility manager, CBRE Group, required the modernisation of the obsolete decentralised system of analogue intercoms that were installed on the original premises of the now modernised administrative buildings and shops at the A7 Office Center in Prague.

"With the aid of the 2N® NetStar communication system and 2N® IP Vario intercoms, we managed to consolidate communication at the entrance to individual buildings of the A7 Office Center in Prague."
Project Manager
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Customer Success Stories
Award-Winning Retirement Village
Bournville Gardens Retirement Village offers both alternative and traditional care for people 55+. With 212 apartments, including 80 bed care home and health centre, it can provide a place for 300 residents. Due to the number of residents, retirement home employees and visitors, a fully - integrated intercom and access control system were a must. The integrator, Total Integrated Solutions, in cooperation with our partner CIE had to prepare and put in place an extremely user-friendly solution.

"Not only are the 2N products a fad of modern technology, but they are user-friendly enough to be used by elderly people. That makes them a perfect choice for the Bournville Gardens Retirement Village."
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Customer Success Stories
Access Control for Casino
Located in the heart of Riga, Latvia, a new casino grew up. In order to secure the casino, a reliable access control system had to be installed. It had to cover entrances and create security zones within the establishment. Tracking an attendance of employees, user-friendliness and IP background of the system were a must. As a result, an integrator and our partner DTG chose an access control from 2N.

"We like to work with 2N, because their products and solutions are reliable and the management software is easy to operate. The fact that 2N can be integrated into Milestone and works with AXIS, is a real advantage for clients who think about such solution."
Janis Lizanders
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Customer Success Stories
2N® IP Vario Enhances Security at UniCredit
The headquarters of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia a.s. are housed in the 16-storey Filadelfie building in Prague. The building has no central reception and there are numerous departments of different companies on each floor. To ensure problem-free movement of people around the building, both for employees and visitors to UniCredit Bank, it was necessary to provide access to each floor and department using the existing infrastructure. They opted for 2N intercoms, which not only meet the strictest UniCredit Bank security standards, but were also easily connected up to IP telephony from Cisco.

"We were looking for an IP intercom that could be connected to a Cisco IP branch exchange and which also met the very strict security standards of UniCredit Bank. The solution had to be easy to install and could not be a burden for the IT department. Thanks to a recommendation from the project designers, we selected 2N IP intercoms."
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Customer Success Stories
2N® IP Verso for the Regional Hospital in Liberec
The Regional Hospital in Liberec was considering the migration of all of its systems, such as telephony and camera and access systems to the IP sphere. The hospital decided to integrate 2N® IP Verso intercom in the newly built camera system and equip the premises with separate 2N® Access Unit readers with NFC support.

"Intercoms and readers from 2N help us to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of our customers. What’s more, their installation and setup is not complicated. We appreciate that all intercoms from 2N and the new 2N® Access Unit readers have the same settings and can be easily administered remotely."
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Customer Success Stories
2N® IP Vario Increases Security in the Administration Building
NHS Foundation Trust needed a door entry solution that would integrate with the IP phones, be supported by Cisco Call Manager and use the existing infrastructure. Installing the 2N® IP Vario intercom with expansion unit gave them a centralised communication system, which enabled every department to have at least one button at the intercom. This means visitors can now use the 2N solution to gain access into the building, ask for the particular person and speak directly to them.

"From an IT and administration view, the 2N solution gave us a centralised communication system that made use of the existing infrastructure. The expansion unit has given us a great deal of flexibility, enabling every department to have at least one button. Additionally we were able to integrate it with our speech recognition enabled telephony solution, which means visitors can use the 2N solution to ask for anyone in the building and subsequently speak directly to them. In a building accommodating over 500 people, this has given us increased flexibility and security."
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Customer Success Stories
2N® IP Vario for PBS
The Prague British School is a well established fully accredited british school with almost 900 students and a staff body of 200. No centralised communication system in place, poor use of existing infrastructure led to productive inefficiencies. PBS required a system that would enhance the communication within a school environment and improve security for students on site.

"I have been completely satisifed with the quality of service, the quality of product and the improvements it has brought to our organisation. A dynamic response to customer needs ensured that we recieved a security and communication solution that enabled us to fulfill our desire to rationalise communcation provision and safety for children."
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