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Automated system for remote metering and monitoring

Reducing operating costs is a topical issue for all businesses including banks and office buildings. 2N offers a solution that allows for remote data collection from all utility meters, whereby this data can then be evaluated and usage adjusted by means of remote device management.

  • Centralized device management
  • Wireless modular solution
  • Broad support for industry standards
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Automated system for remote metering and monitoring
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Take advantage of the benefits of centralized management of end point devices (sensors, switches) and of remote systems (vending machines, elevators) and collect valuable energy-related data. Given the automation of the whole data collection process the 2N solution provides an immediate overview of energy usage, letting you see where you can make energy savings.

A major advantage is the modularity of the system, which allows you to choose the interfaces you need. Likewise, you can interconnect 2N products with third-party devices.

Thanks to the easy integration with third-party software applications, you can choose whichever one best suits your information needs and your preferred format.

Customer Success Stories
A System for the Collection of Important Energy Data for Enerfis
Enerfis was incorporated in 2011 and has focused on more efficient use and monitoring of energy since its inception. There are photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of the buildings, a modern condensation boiler in the basement and lots of other technologies to reduce the energy demands of the managed buildings. What the buildings lacked however, was a system for collecting important energy data from installed meters, automating the whole data collection process and thus enabling energy savings to be found.

"Using a 2N® SmartCom PRO multi-utility data concentrator from 2N in this project provided an easy, effective and functional way of collecting data from various energy meters. The ability to connect various communication interfaces for terminal energy meters at the same time, led to very effective implementation, with a mere seven units covering over 100 connected measuring devices. During the installation, we appreciated 2N’s flexible response to non-standard situations that occurred during implementation."
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Case Study

Example of Typical Connection in a Commercial Building