Wedge Backplate

Order number: 9155071

With the wedge backplate, you can tilt the 2N® IP Solo intercom by 25°. It gives you more options to cover the area in front of the door. There are two basic scenarios when you can use the wedge backplate. In the first, the intercom is on the same wall as the door, and you want to cover the door with the camera’s field of view. In the second, the intercom is on the wall at right angles to the door, and you want the camera to also cover the whole path leading up to the entrance. See the gallery for illustrations.

The backplate is suitable only for the surface mount installation version of the intercom (9155301CS/9155301CBS). The area touching the wall is 115 x 134 mm.

  • Installation inside or outside
  • Universal for tilting to the right or left
  • Space for cabling

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