27.07.2017 Products

2N® Access Unit with the Touch Keypad

We will be launching the sale of a new version of the 2N® Access Unit at the end of July. You can look forward to a touch keypad, which complements the range of access control systems. 

This is an independent touch keypad based purely on IP technology, which works on the basis of capacitive touch sensing. Thanks to back-lighting with adjustable brightness, visibility of the keypad is guaranteed even at night or in places with minimum lighting.

Each press of the keypad and subsequent evaluation of the entered PIN code (acceptance or rejection) is accompanied by an acoustic signal. Acceptance or rejection of the PIN code is also signalled visually. 

The touch keypad will find application in office and administration buildings, as well as residential complexes where the simplest type of authentication is required. It can be installed in an internal or external environment.