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The New Standard EN 81-20 from the Perspective of Emergency Communication

2N develops and produces emergency communication systems for elevators, therefore providing products that naturally meet the new European safety regulation, standard EN 81-20:2014 that will come into effect on August 31, 2017. Among other subjects, the new regulation specifies communication above and below the elevator cabin.

Changes Posed by the New Regulation

As with the previous version of the standard, each elevator must be equipped with an emergency communication system in case someone becomes trapped in the cabin. The amendment now specifies that the elevator must be also be equipped with communication units above and below the cabin.

What that means is that in case a person trapped in the elevator shaft has no possibility of escaping, an additional device initiating the ALARM must be installed to the system according to the EN 81-28 standard. Such devices must be accessible from the escape space in places with risk of entrapment.

Order number: 913661ESET

Our Solution

2N’s response to this requirement is the 2N® Voice Alarm Station audio device. Unlike other emergency communication products, our device connects directly to the emergency communicator in the elevator cabin (2N® Lift1, 2N® Lift8). This solution requires less cabling and no external power source.

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