12.01.2018 Solutions

School Lockdown System by 2N

As a result of the escalating threat of firearms, weapons and armed attacks on schools, a Dynamic Lockdown Procedure provides an effective strategy to rapidly restrict access to the premises.

Keeping children safe at school is a vital need as they spend the majority of their daily life there. It is not just about creating a safety procedure, training school employees and teaching them how to react and manage such situations effectively, but also about implementing some safety measures that will limit any attacker as much as possible.

Dividing the building into zones that can lock down separately or at once by installing 2N Access Units and video IP intercoms, implementing a system for complex access control or putting in place an audio system able to spread information to any zone immediately, could be apt examples.

Our solutions are entirely scalable, based on a size of a school, individual Lockdown Procedure, risk factors and budget and will draw from the full range of technologies available to achieve the most effective and cohesive solution to meet your needs.

Take a look at our case study.

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