20.11.2018 Products

New Version of the 2N® Mobile Video Application Released

The most reliable cloud service for receiving calls on mobile devices from intercoms with 2N® Mobile Video now features several new improvements.

More photographs in call logs – now multiple photographs can be taken from the intercom camera during a call and viewed. This gives the user a better overview of the captured scene and significantly improves correct identification of the visitor.

Support for G.729 protocol – G.729 uses less data. Users mainly in areas with lower coverage and poor connectivity will welcome this.

User environment improvements – noticeably faster application response, improved phone book responsiveness, option to use gestures for browsing images in call logs, mass deletion of records, and modification of icons. This makes using the application even more intuitive to users.

A new form for reporting problems – an easy to use form to report problems in the application, which is also often pre-filled. This enables quicker and more effective problem solving by our technical support team.

Call in headphones – if headphones are connected to a smart device, calls are automatically directed to them. A call can be answered and handled easily by wearing headphones.

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