04.04.2018 Software

New Firmware Version 3.3 for 2N® Indoor Touch Provides Interesting Improvements

On the basis of feedback from the market, we have added several interesting functions to the new version of the firmware for the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator. This concerns, for instance, adaptive echo suppression, support of a video display from an external Axis IP camera or a user ring tone.

Adaptive echo suppression
We have noticeably improved the quality and intelligibility of the audio during calls. Adaptive echo suppression significantly improves the user comfort during two-way conversations with other parties.

Support of video display from external Axis IP camera
In connection to our partnership with Axis Communications, we offer the opportunity to switch the display to a view from all Axis IP cameras supporting video streams by means of RTSP. The external camera can therefore be used as an alternative source of video streaming, i.e. to any 2N IP intercom or IP telephone. The display switch function can also be used at any time – during a call or outside of calls.

User ring tone
Users can now record their own favourite ring tone from a .wav audio file and set is as the notification of an incoming call.

Other improved functions
Users will also appreciate the option of setting different ring tones for incoming calls from the intercom and when the doorbell is pressed. Thanks to different audio notifications you will easily recognize which door your visitor is at. Other innovations include the localisation of the application’s user interface to any language or optional automatic call acceptance.

Are you interested in the new functions for the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator?

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