31.01.2018 Solutions

Mobile Credentials for Free

Have your access credentials directly on your phone and forget the classic RFID card with a comfortable, reliable and safe solution that’s entirely free of charge.

2N® Mobile Key application combined with a 2N® Access Unit Bluetooth or a Bluetooth module in a 2N IP intercom easily provides you with a modern access to your premises. Unlike our competitors, we provide mobile credentials entirely free of charge, with no fee per user, as is usual with other providers.

2N’s access system is based on modern Bluetooth v4 (BLE) technology, providing encrypted communication between your phone and access unit, so there is no way your credentials can be stolen. It also enables your choice of communication distance, ensuring both comfortable and safe use in various types of installations – opening doors in offices or remotely opening garage doors from the comfort of your car as you drive in.

Download the 2N® Mobile Key

Download the free 2N® Mobile Key app to your smartphone and leave your RFID in a drawer at home for good.