29.01.2018 Software

Firmware Upgrade for Access Systems Version 2.22

We have launched a new firmware version 2.22.0 for 2N IP intercoms and 2N Access Unit. Apart from reflecting the new name of these product models, which no longer includes the word “Helios”, it also offers some interesting improvements.

A new way to setup access control
We have added a new “Door” section on the web interface for the administration of 2N IP intercoms. In this section, the user can easily set up everything relating to doors and access rules.

New layout of the 2N® IP Verso Touch Display
Aside from the telephone mode, another change offered by the new firmware is a more intuitive layout of the keyboard. We now have two “independent” keyboards:

  • one for entry of the numerical access code, which displays asterisks (“*”) on the screen instead of numbers to increase security,
  • one for dialling users when making a call, which shows the number entered on the screen.

Virtual user card
We have introduced a virtual user card function, which allows you to enhance conventional access control systems to include new methods of access control such as Bluetooth or a fingerprint reader. Integration and communication between these two systems is accomplished via a Wiegand interface.

Support for Bluetooth and Fingerprint reader modules in the Automation section
The Automation section has also seen improvement. Starting with this firmware version, it is now possible to link the initiation of a specific action with, for example, verification of a fingerprint, or pressing an icon to open a door on a telephone in the 2N® Mobile Key application.

Compatibility with 2N® Access Commander Software
2.22.0 firmware is fully compatible only with 1.9.1. 2N® Access Commander software, which has already been released. Mind the firmware cannot be used with older software versions.

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