15.03.2018 Products

Discontinuation of sales of 2N® BRI Lite

Please be advised that as of 15 March 2018, sales of 2N® BRI Lite were discontinued due to production optimisation.

Despite discontinued sales, existing customers with a valid service contract or with a valid warranty will still be able to use all services provided with this product, in particular technical support.

As an alternative, we are offering the dual-channel ISDN gateway, 2N® BRI Enterprise with DialThru mode. Compared to its predecessor 2N® BRI Lite, this product offers many more options for routing calls. It can also connect the exchange with a mobile network and at the same time maintain a connection to a fixed ISDN network.

Order number Gateway model/licence
5022032E 2N® BRI Enterprise GSM
5022052E 2N® BRI Enterprise UMTS (+GSM)
50208940E VoIP licence
50208950E Email2SMS Licence + 10 users
50208960E SMPP Licence + 10 users
50208970E SNMP Licence