05.04.2017 Solutions

2N Solution for Prisons and Detention Centers

The characteristics of 2N products lend themselves perfectly to use in prisons and detention centers. All communication and surveillance systems must be highly reliable and guarantee maximum protection and safety for guards and prisoners, as well as their visitors. 2N offers a complete solution that ensures the security of prison environments.

Using 2N products, communication can be arranged between guards and prisoners, monitoring entry and securing hallways, broadcasting emergency situations and organizational messages. An emergency communication system and call forwarding are available as well. A proper combination of 2N products creates a very reliable system tailored to the specific needs of each facility.

As an example, our solution helps prevent conflicts by monitoring conversations, without their knowledge, among prisoners through the 2N® Helios IP Force intercom. Entry to authorized personnel and visitors is possible using 2N® Access Unit, significantly increasing the safety of the entire facility. In case of an emergency situation, the 2N® Net Speaker and 2N® Net Mic are there to help handle and manage any occurrence.

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