04.08.2017 Products

2N® SIP Mic Is Here!

The 2N® SIP Mic is our latest product from the IP audio field.  It’s an IP microphone console enabling live and pre-recorded broadcasts to as many as 12 zones. Along with our 2N® SIP Speaker products they form a complete audio system suitable for broadcasting voice messages.

The 2N® SIP Mic does much more than just messages. It enables you to receive calls from 2N intercoms, listen in to individual zones, plan specific messages or pre-record your own. These features make it an ideal product for sites where the same messages are broadcasted periodically throughout the day, such as schools, sports facilities, shops or public transport terminals.

Additional bonuses are a simple power supply for the microphone console using PoE and programming through a web interface. Thanks to its VAPIX® protocol integration, the 2N® SIP Mic also broadcasts into audio systems and cameras made by AXIS.

For more information visit the 2N® SIP Mic product page.