05.05.2017 Solutions

2N Protects Budapest

Protection of native populations and tourists is becoming an ever increasing need in today’s world. Budapest, one of the largest cities in the European Union, came to this conclusion as well and in 2014 launched an extensive reconstruction aimed at creating a more secure environment. That included the installation of SOS posts equipped with 2N® Helios IP Safety intercoms.

These highly reliable intercoms were custom-built into easily identifiable orange posts. They are resistant to vandalism and enable emergency calls for help by pressing a single button.  A very important factor from the public point of view was their connection with a central emergency line. The 2N® Helios IP Safety intercom uses the internet to connect to the assistance center. This means that the connection remains active in cases of an emergency, unlike with regular GSM. The power supply of the SOS posts also has a smart solution – they get their power from the closest traffic lights.

See this reference project or check our video to learn more about the outstanding success of this 2N solution.