23.05.2017 Solutions

2N Now Offers Solutions in the Transportation Field

Continual development in the area of transportation facilitates increasing the safety of all participants and monitoring property. 2N products are designed precisely to meet these increasing requirements with ease.

2N offers solutions for the busiest traffic terminals. The indestructible 2N® Helios IP Safety enables calling emergency help in case of accidents and other crisis situations on highways. 2N® Helios IP Force, in combination with 2N® SIP Speaker Horn, assures fluid traffic movement during parking and provides advice in case drivers get lost.

A similar combination of products warn passengers at train stations in case they come too close to a track or road and may be endangered by a passing vehicle. Have you ever been called to a desk at the airport and didn’t know how to get there? Using 2N® Helios IP Uni, airport staff is now able to show you the way.

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