11.08.2017 Solutions

2N Net Audio Provides a Solution for the Largest Turkish Retail Chain

Migros is a pioneer retail company running a network of more than 1,500 stores of various types across Turkey. While continuing to provide reliable services to their clients, they focus on ways to improve their standards, particularly by introducing emerging technologies. They began with a broadcasting system that became very limiting as they grew. 

Each of the Migros stores began with their own approach to playing ambiance music and broadcasting messages. However, it offered no precise record of when each song should play or each advert be transmitted. This considerably complicated the accounting of royalty fees. But an audio system already existed in their retail chain and they felt it would be redundant to change it.

2N solved the problem by installing 1,500 2N® Net Audio Decoder devices, one into each store, along with 2N® IP Audio Manager software that is now the brain of the entire audio system. This enabled the pre-programming of specific songs and advertising messages for specific times. It now exports a detailed record and manages the entire system remotely in all 1,500 stores from one location. This system is also environmentally friendly, because 2N Net Audio saves on power usage.

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