09.08.2017 Products

2N® Helios IP Solo Now Also in Elegant Black

Do you own a smart home or do you distribute to a residential segment? Would you like the outdoor 2N® Helios IP Solo intercom, but you don’t fancy the colour? We gladly announce, that since August we have been offering it also in black!

We develop and manufacture quality and reliable IP access control systems. We don’t want to be boring though. Hence we recently added a new colour variant for 2N® Helios IP Verso and naturally, 2N® Helios IP Solo shouldn’t lag behind.

The dark 2N® Helios IP Solo has the order numbers modified too, be careful with choosing your product then. The order number for flush installation ends with CBF and the other one, for surface installation, ends with the letters CBS. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the frame, which is a standard part of the package as well as in the original nickel variant.

Would you like to take a better look at 2N® Helios IP Solo, are you interested in its technical specification or way of connecting? Find answers to these and many more questions on 2N® Helios IP Solo product page.