Employees Give 2N Top Marks

At the end of last year, we conducted another employee motivation and satisfaction survey. 79% of employees participated, and we are very pleased with the results.

Survey Results

What did we ask about?

We were mainly interested in how our employees enjoyed their work, whether they found it fulfilling and enjoyed working together, if they were looking to find new employment, and how they rated the company’s management and their relationship with senior staff.  

What were the results?

We are proud to say that 99% of employees enjoy working here. The results show that up to 98% of employees were satisfied with the company and saw 2N as a good employer. We also asked them for their opinion on the change of company ownership last year. 91% of employees see it as an opportunity for further development.


Our employees praise the friendly atmosphere and good interpersonal relationships. They also emphasised the opportunities for self-fulfilment, the potential for work-life balance, and the accommodating approach to individual initiative.


Employees also rated very highly mutual respect and trust from more senior staff, and the fact that they consider employee ideas openly. In general terms, employees see 2N as having a solid position on the Czech and global market and believe in the company’s future.