Deepening the knowledge of our partners worldwide

To further our effective and successful cooperation, knowledge is a must, for systems integrators, distributors, resellers, sales representative or technical specialists. Know-how must be kept constantly updated and grow deeper over time. For this purpose, we run regular training sessions, where we offer our partners sales and technical support in development, operation, and sales.


Sales and Technical training

“Last year we trained 2000 people from the ranks of our existing and potential partners and distributors. Our online and onsite training was enjoyed by representatives of the more than 800 companies that are helping us create one of the most successful global partnership and distribution networks. The training was run in 7 languages and held on all the world’s continents,” says Michal Beran, 2N Training Supervisor.

More than 350 training sessions of over 31,500 minutes were run in 2015. In the course of 1 year, we gave away more than 3 working months to deepen the knowledge of our partners around the world.

You too can secure more projects, grow the demand for 2N products and accelerate the deployment of the respective solutions. Thanks to the sales and technical training, you will prompt sales, strengthen technical support and improve communication with your customers. Visit the sales and technical training we offer.