2N Products for Daily Life

The world-class portfolio of products from 2N will make your life better, safer, and easier. You can use our products not only in offices or public spaces, but also in your home. You will particularly appreciate them in commonplace, everyday situations, greatly helping you to deal with them.


For Everyone, Anywhere in the World

Imagine your employees being able to take advantage not only of the RFID access card, but also a mobile phone with Bluetooth technology for access to the building. Visitors would easily get through to reception from your door intercom. The receptionist would no longer have to sit rooted behind the reception counter and could pick up the call from the door on a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the building.

Our products are also well placed in family homes, villas or residential complexes. They provide you with hassle-free door opening to visitors, even if you happen to be in the garden, bedroom or living room. In addition, the screen of your device will show you the image of the person coming to visit.


Other uses include seeing a list of all missed calls from the door including the image of each person standing in front of the intercom while the call was made. When it comes to situations where you need to have peace and quiet at home, you can switch to “do not disturb” mode. Music lovers will also appreciate the option to create distinct zones with differing content. That way, all members of the household can listen to different music at the same time to suit their mood.

We could go on indefinitely with practical examples of our products being used in everyday situations. Yet the best way to find out is to take a look with your own eyes. That is why we have prepared a set of videos for you on our YouTube channel. We shall be releasing others, so do keep coming back to see more.