2N® SIP Audio Converter

Viel mehr als nur IP Paging

Der 2N® SIP Speaker hat einen neuen Namen: 2N® SIP Audio Converter

Der 2N® SIP Audio Converter ist eine IP Paging Anlage mit vielen nützlichen Funktionen, die an Arbeitsstätten, in Krankenhäusern, auf Ämtern und in sonstigen öffentlichen Räumen Anwendung finden. Sie können sie mit einem Lautsprecher als einfachen Rundfunk, eventuell auch mit einem Mikrofon also Zwei-Wege-Kommunikator verwenden. Die Verbindung von IP Technologie und SIP Protokoll bietet dabei die Möglichkeit, eine Meldung an alle Anlagen im Netz zu senden oder sich einzelne Zonen auszusuchen, gegebenenfalls die konkrete Anlage anzurufen. Mit dem angeschlossenen externen Mikrofon und dem Druckschalter kann die Endstation bis zu drei vorgewählte Nummern anrufen. Von diesen kann daraufhin ein externer Schaltermit einer beliebigen Funktion je nach Bedarf des jeweiligen Betriebs bedient werden.


Die ursprüngliche Technologie bat uns keine Möglichkeiten, die bestehende TK-Anlage und das alte Audiosystem zu verbinden. Die Klangqualität entsprach unseren Anforderungen nicht. Wir suchten deshalb nach einer Technologie, die uns eine Modernisierung und Verbindung mir dem IP-Welt ermöglichen würde.

Juan Valdivia, IT Manager, Quinta Normal

IP-Audio-System IP-Audio-System
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10.05.2017 Audio distribution system 2N® SIP Audio Converter - Product leaflet (DE) 127.03 kB PDF
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02.09.2016 2N SIP Audio Systems - presentation (EN) 5.99 MB PPT
29.12.2015 2N® SIP Audio Converter - presentation (EN) 908.00 kB PPT
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14.12.2015 2N® SIP Speaker - Declaration of conformity 57.66 kB PDF
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23.03.2016 Intercom software 2N® EntryCom IP Network Scanner 3.0.4 (EN) 733.43 kB ZIP
04.08.2015 Intercom software 2N® EntryCom IP Network Scanner 2.1.1 (EN) 647.95 kB ZIP
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10.03.2017 2N IP Intercom & Audio Catalogue (DE) 2.34 MB PDF
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21.11.2016 Product Models for Autodesk Revit 17.55 MB ZIP
2N® Network Scanner version 3.0.4

- 2N® Network Scanner can find devices without IP address
- 2N® Network Scanner can set basic network settings - DHCP on/off and set static IP address (same requirements as above) - units with this feature enabled and disabled are distinguished by color (grey ones can not be configured).
- 2N® Network Scanner can also locate devices in other network segments, if multicasts are routed between them
- Filtering in results
- Name change from 2N® Helios IP Network Scanner to 2N® Network Scanner as it is also able to find 2N® Access Unit and 2N® Indoor Touch

Location of devices without assigned IP address and network settings do work with 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N® Access Unit and SIP IP audio with firmware version 2.15.0 and higher. This feature does not work with 2N® Indoor Touch version 1.6 and 2.0, however these devices are still located in the network with assigned IP address.
Keep alive packets support for peer-to-peer calls with Grandstream
Bug fixes:

- Informacast support
- Autoprovisioning support
- Network Scanner support
Stability issues
Version 2.16.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

Motion detection improvement - new algorithm triggering less false alarms when it snows, rains etc. It might be necessary to adjust settings after upgrade.
Door open on incoming call from predefined number - Automation Event.CallStateChanged has new parameter Number so that you can specify what shall be done according to who is calling or being called.
New event Event.CardHeld which is triggered if a user holds the RFID card at the reader for specified time - you can distinguish between swiping a card and holding the card, triggering two separate actions
Reason for failed registration added to event logging - so that monitoring system can react accordingly or provide proper information to maintenance crew
Display (Vario & Verso) virtual number telephone mode - when telephone mode is off, you can dial #number# which calls the virtual number, and you see the number of the display
Multiple email addresses in email settings - semicolon is now accepted as separator, to match MS Outlook behaviour
Switch opened by time profile - this popular functionality is now available without need to use Automation. Licensing stays the same.
Multiple Access Keys - since a single intercom can belong to multiple groups of Indoor Touch, there is now an option to store multiple Access Keys

Features - system changes

Incoming call policy and settings changed - activation code has been removed. Default setting is that the device reject incoming call with BUSY message. Regardless of settings if there is already a call on the intercom, new incoming call with be rejected with BUSY message
License key is checked before apply - invalid key can not be applied or stored
Support for Snom D765
Support for touchscreen display module for Verso
Support for My2N / Mobile Video
RFID card reader signalisation aligned between particular models. Parameter Card reader signalling is now consistent and even display equipped models do follow settings of visual signalisation.
Number of event log records stored in device increased from 500 to 10.000
Format of email message changed, plain text sent along with HTML so that Email to SMS on 2N® Voice Blue Next works nice for SMS access control notifications


Access Unit stability issues
G.729 bad stream for Annex B version
When using G.729 and stream of RTP was interrupted, it took too long to recover the stream
HTTP API Audio part available without license key
Audio test accepting invalid time
Card reader returning invalid card number (containing only zeros)
Edge browser freezing on the time profiles page
When a large file was uploaded as user sound, device restarted
Too many requests from mobile app could reboot the device
Keypad settings missing in Access Unit
Testing email on Access Unit used wrong template for its content
Wiegand stability issues
DNS resolution issues
Too strict H264 decoder, causing some external IP cameras to not work
Release notes

Version 2.15.1 includes following changes compared to 2.15.0

Minor bugfixes

Version 2.15.0 includes changes as described below.


Time profiles - bank holidays. User can define which days in a year are off-work and define specific behaviour in these days for any time profile.
Time profiles - multiple periods per day. In one day you can have multiple active and inactive periods.
VLAN support - VLAN tag can be configured, according to 802.1Q
SIP registration page now to include status of SIP registration, including reason if registration failed
Network settings to include 10/100MBit selection Auto or 10mbps
Support for 2N® Network SCanner 3.0.x - this version can detect units without IP address and configure DHCP on device (typically assign static IP address)


Stability issues
SMTP server domain name maximum of 3 levels
SIP Speaker memory leak
Multicast address was accepted and used


Test call - trigger the call from SIP settings to make sure everything is configured correctly
HTTP(S) Autoprovisioning authorisation support
Timezones according to tzdata - more timezones to choose from
FTP custom port - when using FTP client you can choose the port of the FTP server
Triggering of email and audio loop test via HTTP API - using HTTP API you can manually trigger audio loop test and email. With email you can specify To, Subject, Body and number of attached pictures
Card selection on RFID card reader - you can restrict which RFID types are supported by the readers. This does not only enhance security, but also improves reading performance of the reader. Default value is that the reader reads all supported types and we recommend restricting this to only those types which are really used.
Hebrew and Arabic support on display of Helios IP Vario
Better visual user feedback on keypad of Helios IP Verso - correct PIN triggers green key, incorrect triggers red key
"Custom response" option on HTTP API - when sending HTTP command to Helios IP you can specify what answer you want to receive, including an empty answer.
SIP early media behind NAT support


IR light for Helios IP Force with SD camera
Helios IP Vario card reader stability - better resistance against electromagnetical interference from lock wiring
Web alignment issues
Green noise pixels in night vision at low light conditions
DNS name resolution - could lead to SIP unregistration
Milesone xProtect audio back channel did not work
User sounds were played multiple times

Known issues

Need to refresh browser after upgrade - this is caused by new certificate used
------ SipSpeaker v 2.12.x. changelog ----------


**** Firmware 2.12.0 ****


memory optimization

------ SipSpeaker v 2.11.x. changelog ----------


**** Firmware 2.11.0 ****

SNMP v2c support
Noise detection - if audio captured on microphone exceeds set treshold for predefined amount of time, Automation event is triggered
Multicast can be sent and received on G.722 codec - better paging audio quality
Change of ring time limit - set 0 for infinite ringing
Time zones updates


Hints and language corrections
RTSP audio stability
SIP registration failures fixed
Original language file download

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