2N® Access Unit

Einfach installierbares Zutrittssystem

Die 2N® Access Unit ist ein zuverlässiges Zutrittskontrolsystem , welches die IP Technologie nutzt. Bereits auf den ersten Blick besticht sie durch ihr repräsentatives Design und erfreut durch ihre Einfachheit. Sie besteht aus einem autonomen IP Lesegerät für RFID Karten, der auch die NFC-Technologie unterstützt, und bildet mit der Kontrollanlage eine kompakte Anlage. Es genügt, sie an Ihr LAN-Netz anzuschließen und danach alles einfach über die Webschnittstelle einzustellen. Die 2N® Access Unit bietet somit ein ausgezeichnetes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis und ist eine ideale Lösung für kleine und mittlere Firmen.


IP RFID und NFC-Kartenleser 2N® Access Unit verbinden alle standardmäßig genutzte Anlagen, wie klassische Kartenleser, Türkontrollanlagen und IP-Wandler in einer Anlage. Dank dieser Tatsache wird nicht nur die Installation, sondern auch der Betrieb des Zutrittssystems erheblich vereinfacht und kostengünstiger gestaltet.


Die Anwendung von Türsprechanlagen und Lesegeräten von 2N ermöglicht es uns, die wachsenden Anforderungen der Kunden zu befriedigen. Darüber hinaus erfordern sie keine aufwändige Installation und Einstellung. Es ist von Vorteil, dass alle Türsprechanlagen von 2N und alle neuen Lesegeräte 2N® Access Unit über gleiche Einstellungen verfügen und leicht fernverwaltet werden können.

Patrik LENHART, OAZA-NET s.r.o.

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2N® Access Unit

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24.04.2017 Access control system 2N® Access Unit - Product leaflet (DE) 194.31 kB PDF
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08.11.2016 2N Access Control - Product Presentation (EN) 10.27 MB PPTX
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14.11.2016 2N® Access Unit - Declaration of Conformity (EN) 377.09 kB PDF
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16.03.2017 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.19.0 4.66 MB BIN
25.01.2017 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.18.1 4.00 MB BIN
15.09.2016 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.17.0 2.71 MB ZIP
11.07.2016 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.16.0 2.41 MB ZIP
25.04.2016 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.15.1 2.39 MB ZIP
11.01.2016 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.14.1 3.02 MB BIN
14.10.2015 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.13.3 1.94 MB ZIP
01.07.2015 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.12.1 1.71 MB ZIP
13.03.2015 2N® Access Unit - Firmware 2.11 1.64 MB ZIP
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10.03.2017 2N IP Intercom & Audio Catalogue (DE) 2.34 MB PDF
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21.11.2016 Product Models for Autodesk Revit 17.55 MB ZIP
About the 2N Helios IP USB driver

This driver allows:
- Enrolling of RFID cards from 9137421E External RFID Reader 125kHz + 13.56MHz (USB interface) directly to web interface of 2N Helios IP and 2N Access Unit.
- Enrolling of users into Bluetooth access control. Users need to have 2N® Mobile Key on their smartphones and Bluetooth reader on their device.
- Enrolling of users for access control using the fingerprint.

Compatible cards:
HID Proximity

13.56MHz - (only card serial number is read)
Mifare Classic 1k & 4k, DESFire EV1, Mini, Plus S&X, SmartMX, Ultralight,
Ultralight C, SLE44R35, my-d move (SLE66Rxx), PayPass, Legic Advant
Calypso, CEPAS, Moneo, SRI512, SRT512, SRI4K, SRIX4K, PicoPass, HID iCLASS (uID)
SmartPhone with NFC/HCE support, Android version 4.3 and up, 2N Mobile Key application

PC requirements
Win 7 or 8, 64bit
2N® Network Scanner version 3.0.4

- 2N® Network Scanner can find devices without IP address
- 2N® Network Scanner can set basic network settings - DHCP on/off and set static IP address (same requirements as above) - units with this feature enabled and disabled are distinguished by color (grey ones can not be configured).
- 2N® Network Scanner can also locate devices in other network segments, if multicasts are routed between them
- Filtering in results
- Name change from 2N® Helios IP Network Scanner to 2N® Network Scanner as it is also able to find 2N® Access Unit and 2N® Indoor Touch

Location of devices without assigned IP address and network settings do work with 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N® Access Unit and SIP IP audio with firmware version 2.15.0 and higher. This feature does not work with 2N® Indoor Touch version 1.6 and 2.0, however these devices are still located in the network with assigned IP address.
About 2N Helios IP USB driver

This driver allows enrolling of RFID cards from 9137421E External RFID Reader 125kHz + 13.56MHz (USB interface) directly to web interface of 2N Helios IP and 2N Access Unit.

Driver is compatible with 2N Helios IP and 2N Access Unit with firmware 2.12.2 and newer.

Driver will be compatible with 2N Access Commander version 1.2.0 - current version 1.1.0 is not compatible.

Compatible cards:
HID Proximity

13.56MHz - (only card serial number is read)
Mifare Classic 1k & 4k, DESFire EV1, Mini, Plus S&X, SmartMX, Ultralight,
Ultralight C, SLE44R35, my-d move (SLE66Rxx), PayPass, Legic Advant
Calypso, CEPAS, Moneo, SRI512, SRT512, SRI4K, SRIX4K, PicoPass, HID iCLASS (uID)
SmartPhone with NFC/HCE support, Android version 4.3 and up, 2N Mobile Key application

PC requirements
Win 7 or 8, 64bit

Valid as of 14.8.2015
Version 2.19.0 includes the following changes:

User Functions and Innovations
• Silent alarm – intercom user security enhancing function. Upon activation, the code higher by 1 than the common access code starts silent alarm.
• Limitation of unsuccessful access attempts – the keypad access gets blocked when five invalid access codes are entered via the keypad. This minimises the risk of unauthorised access through simple code entering attempts.
• Enhanced directory search.
• Holiday list extended for the next 10 years.
• Apply button renamed into Save.
• As innovation, you can set the switch activation time to a value lower than 1 second.

• Stability issues when sending an email
• When a switch was using a Security Relay and was controlled by time profile, it did not keep its state after reboot
• Stability issues when connecting new modules to Verso and Access Unit models
Version 2.18.1 includes the following changes:

System Functions and Innovations

Final function and function setting improvement for the VersoBluetooth module under preparation.


Access Unit stability enhancement.

Version 2.18.0 includes the following changes:

User Functions and Innovations

Security Relay has a new code and thus has to be re-paired after hardware factory reset.
Ping from device – for connectivity or IP address availability check
Button for lock activation from configuration interface
Lock 1 zone code to be used, together with Access Commander, for common zone access point setting

System Functions and Innovations

The new dashboard firmware notification has a new graphics and the release notes support formatting.
Device network identification has been added to configuration.
File exported as Automation settings now includes line break symbols for easier manual editing
The cursor is automatically active for number entering whenever the test dialogue window is opened.


Stability improvement
Amendments to the use of certificates
Swapped + and – signs in time zone setting against UTC
Repairs of localizations and minor configuration interface defects
Static IP address enabled after factory reset
Version 2.17.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

* Forced change of default password - all units will force users to change their default passwords to strong ones
* Time restricted access rights - specification when access right of a user starts and when ends
* Automation import / export for each function separately

Features - system changes

* Access Unit supports Touch display module - use as virtual keypad or to display announcements
* Backlight settings moved to separate web Hardware section
* Possibility to check if new version of firmware exists
* Use statistics of web GUI


* Sending card ID via Wiegand interface
* Double authentication
* Switch activation via Time profile
* Device stability
* TR069 stability
* Localisation and translation issues
* Too long device name causing unit to reboot
* Wiegand module detecting phantom inputs with number all zeros
Version 2.16.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

* New event Event.CardHeld which is triggered if a user holds the RFID card at the reader for specified time - you can distinguish between swiping a card and holding the card, triggering two separate actions
* Multiple email addresses in email settings - semicolon is now accepted as separator, to match MS Outlook behaviour
* Switch opened by time profile - this popular functionality is now available without need to use Automation. * Licensing stays the same.

Features - system changes

* License key is checked before apply - invalid key can not be applied or stored
* Number of event log records stored in device increased from 500 to 10.000
* Support for touchscreen display module for Verso
* RFID card reader signalisation aligned between particular models. Parameter Card reader signalling is now consistent and even display equipped models do follow settings of visual signalisation.
* Format of email message changed, plain text sent along with HTML so that Email to SMS on 2N® Voice Blue Next works nice for SMS access control notifications


* Access Unit stability issues
* Card reader returning invalid card number (containing only zeros)
* Edge browser freezing on the time profiles page
* Keypad settings missing in Access Unit
* Testing email on Access Unit used wrong template for its content
* Wiegand stability issues
* DNS resolution issues
Version 2.15.1 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

* Time profiles - bank holidays. User can define which days in a year are off-work and define specific behaviour in these days for any time profile.
* Time profiles - multiple periods per day. In one day you can have multiple active and inactive periods.
* VLAN support - VLAN tag can be configured, according to 802.1Q
* Detection of duplicit RFID cards - user will be warned that the card he is trying to add is already used.
* Email (SMTP client) is enabled for 2N® Access Unit - it can send an email once RFID card is swiped or NFC detected
* Automation object Action.SendEmail can now specify parameters of email being sent (To, Subject, Body, picture count and resolution)
* Multiple To addresses for email - for all sending options - web configuration, HTTP API as well as Automation
* LAN Port settings - you can specify port mode (Autonegotiation 10/100Mbps or manually set 10Mbps - recommended for units connected on a longer distance from switch, ie. 40meters and longer)

Features - system changes

* No restart necessary after change of configuration
* HTTP API event logging - all events to include UTC time plus timezone
* Support for 2N® Network SCanner 3.0.x - this version can detect Access Units without IP address and configure DHCP on them (typically assign static IP address)
* Upgrade prompt - if we introduce some radical change in firmware in the future, old firmware will warn the user while the new one being applied, so that the user can abort the upgrade when not sure he wants these changes.
* Collection of anonymous statistic information - in order to have better feedback on use of our products we will gather statistics of device usage. User can manully disable this in web configuration.
* Support for automatic event notification to 2N® Access Commander - tamper switch activation, door opened too long, forced door open, web unsuccesfull login attempts.

* HTTP(S) Autoprovisioning authorisation support
* Timezones according to tzdata - more timezones to choose from
* Card selection on RFID card reader - you can restrict which RFID types are supported by the readers. This does not only enhance security, but also improves reading performance of the reader. Default value is that the reader reads all supported types and we recommend restricting this to only those types which are really used.
* "Custom response" option on HTTP API - when sending HTTP command to Helios IP you can specify what answer you want to receive, including an empty answer.

Known issues

* Need to refresh browser after upgrade - this is caused by new certificate used

Version 2.14.1 includes following changes compared to 2.14.0


* Wiegand IN functionality - some Wiegand readers connected to our Wiegand Input stopped working on firmware 2.14.0 (this is only in case you have Wiegand module connected to Access Unit)

Failsafe lock support - new option "Iverted" for lock type in switch settings
Support for Network Scanner 2.2.x to discover units without IP address and do basic network settings.
Logging in HTTP API - replaces old Event Logging service which is kept for back-compatibility but not maintained anymore.
NTP client enabled by default - Access Unit shall update the time information automatically by default
Additional parameters for TR069 provisioning
Support for extending I/O module connected to Access Unit via Vbus
Support for connected keypad to Access Unit via Vbus


Possibility to send HTTP commands once the switch is activated or deactivated
Modifications in Automation - some parameters didn´t work properly (Condition.FlipFlopRS, Event.MulticastTrigger, Condition.LogicalAnd, etc.)

Another minor bugs in Automation in comparison with FW 2.13.3


Ready for 125kHz Access Unit - possibility to use this FW version also for new version of Access Unit (125kHz) which will be launched during July, 2015.
TR069 protocol - support for protocol for provisioning. Support includes basic statistic information and config file handling. Particular parameters will be accesible in next versions.
Event log in web interface - log displayed in Status section contains much more information. Filtering is available as well.
Support for future hardware modules (e.g. finger print reader)
If no extender is connected then you can read a note (instead of blank screen)
Support for external USB card reader and its PC driver
Autoprovisioning now also accepts config files where the filename includes MAC address of Access Unit without "-" between fields. So if it does not find hau-00-87-12-aa-00-11.xml, it tries au-008712aa0011.xml.
Serial number shown on licence page, for convenience when requesting and checking licence


RED LED diode - once you swiped invalid RFID card (card which wasn´t added) then RED diode sometimes stayed stucked, still shinning
Event.Delay - this event didn´t work in Automation in some cases
Led_door - each blink of this LED diode was logged in Events
Any module connected via Vbus interface wasn´t recognized when Access Unit powers up
New features description for 2N® Access Unit

SNMP v2c support
NFC support - open the door with your smartphone, using 2N® Helios NFC app (phone needs NFC and HCE enabled)
Helios IP Verso bus support - compatible with accessories from 2N® Helios IP Verso
Status signalization by LED – green LED blinking in normal state
Time zones updates
20 time profiles available for 2N® Access Unit
Action.ActivateSwitch for bistable switch in Automation - full control of bistable switch from Automation
Redesign of licence page
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