2N® Helios IP Base

Компактный IP домофон с HD камерой

2N® Helios IP Base представляет собой компактный IP домофон, который устанавливается чрезвычайно просто и быстро.  Домофон оснащен одной или двумя кнопками и обеспечивает аудио и видео высокого качества. Этот домофон, предназначен прежде всего для небольших установок. 


Основные характеристики продукта:

Несомненно по достоинству будет оценена у 2N® Helios IP Base возможность весьма простой установки, что экономит как время, так и затраты, связанные с ней.

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2N® Helios IP Base

Дата Название Размер Тип Скачать
06.12.2016 2N® Helios IP Base - Product Leaflet (RU) 154.76 kB PDF
Дата Название Размер Тип Скачать
27.10.2016 2N® Helios IP Base - Declaration of Conformity (EN) 378.38 kB PDF
Дата Название Размер Тип Скачать
02.11.2016 2N® Helios IP Base - Firmware 2.17.1 4.72 MB ZIP
Дата Название Размер Тип Скачать
04.11.2016 2N® Helios IP Base - Installation manual (EN) - LINK
04.11.2016 2N Helios IP, 2N® SIP Audio Converter - Configuration manual (EN) - LINK
Дата Название Размер Тип Скачать
04.11.2016 2N Helios IP and 2N® SIP Audio Converter - Interoperable devices (EN) - LINK
01.11.2016 2N® Helios IP Base - drill pattern 70.57 kB PDF
Version 2.17.0 includes following changes

Features - user and functionality changes

Forced change of default password - all units will force users to change their default passwords to strong ones
Time restricted access rights - specification when access right of a user starts and when ends
Helios IP Verso Touch display improvements - search, scramble keypad, automation support, slideshow resolution information in GUI
Easier user picture upload - big pictures are automatically downsized
New preloaded user sounds
Automation import / export for each function separately

Features - system changes

Backlight settings moved to separate web section
Touch display support for Access Unit - use as virtual keypad or to display announcements
Units to check for new version of the firmware
User sound set as ringing tone to be played repeatedly
Use statistics of web GUI
ONVIF improvements


SIPS available on devices without license
Helios IP Verso Touch display - calling to non-existing users
Device stability
TR069 stability
Localisation and translation issues
Device not starting SIP registration
Verso 125kHz card reader not recognising card types properly
Too long device name causing unit to reboot
Wiegand module detecting phantom inputs with number all zeros

Changes in 2.17.1 compared to 2.17.0

Features - user and functionality changes

Verso - Bluetooth module support
Test call is now initiated by pressing Enter key after typing the desired extension number

Features - system changes

JPEG RTP packet includes now EOI header - for most recipients it should mean no change, but it enables video for CISCO SPA525G telephone
HTTP API event logging - new event UserAuthenticated
Verso touch display - overheat message is now triggered at higher temperature


Stability issues
Verso touch display - overheat message being displayed in sub-zero temperatures
Vario having static IP address after factory reset
Output relay of Vario reader gets stuck
Arrow buttons to control Vario display were not active
Photo upload into directory - zoom not working
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