Project Consulting

Do you need help with a new Intercom, Access Control or IP Audio System project? Are you looking for assistance with an expansion or redesign of your existing system? Do you need to ensure the security solution you are considering will work fine or are you in need of special Intercom customization?

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

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Solution and Products Advisory

Design and planning

Our experts, with their comprehensive knowledge of the 2N product portfolio and extensive experience gained in numerous ICT as well as physical security projects will work with you on an individual basis toward finding an appropriate solution.

The 2N Presales team will start with an analysis of the key customer requirements to be met (technical as well as non-technical), follow up with a proposal of the most suitable solution, and round off with a specification of the best fitting 2N products.

Working with 2N consultants you can minimise deployment risks when designing optimal architecture and create a comprehensive deployment plan to put that architecture into operation.

The 2N proposed services include a recommendation for the optimal configuration of the respective 2N devices and a definition of the requirements for third-party ICT equipment, so that the entire telco, IT or IP Audio system will function properly and meet all customer requirements.

Design Review and Proof of Concept

Product and Software Customizations

Ask our experts and get advice on your security, communication or IP Audio architecture. 2N consultants study every aspect of 2N device configuration and the surrounding network, making recommendations and observations relevant to helping you achieve your goals.

Do you need professional Proof of Concept prior to system deployment? Before installation at the customer’s premises our technical team can assemble and test the proposed system in our labs and verify that it meets all requirements. The testing may also include verification of interoperability with third-party systems that the customer uses or plans to use. You and your customer technicians are welcome to participate in the testing.

All 2N products are designed and manufactured on our own premises. As such, our Development and Production team are ready to modify our products to meet all your customers’ needs – from colour-schemes and button types through to Firmware customization and new development, to ensure interoperability with third-party products and provide the desired functionality.

For our “wholesale” partners we provide special FW, branding, package contents, as well as documentation modifications and more.


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