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If your goal is to gain more loyal customers or increase the number of SIM cards sold, we have the ideal solution for you. Telephone calls from fixed lines to mobile phones are, in general, more expensive for the user than mobile-to-mobile calls. However, thanks to a GSM gateway, you can rewrite the rules.

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Need: Cost Savings

Customer: Operator

A GSM gateway establishes a connection between fixed lines and the GSM network. If a customer is calling from their office to a mobile phone, the call is forwarded to a GSM gateway by the private branch exchange and the call is made for the same charge as a mobile-to-mobile call. Neither the caller nor the called notice any change. The only difference appears later in a lower bill for calling. The service is intended for companies using a private branch exchange – from small travel agencies to large banks.

Make every fixed phone a source of profit! You will sell more SIM cards and gain more satisfied customers, who will be thankful to you for their cheaper calls. We not only offer the solution, but also technical support, the training for technicians and provide potential modifications and customizations to the system. Thanks to 2N GSM gateways, competitive advantage has been achieved by, e.g. Turkcell Turkey, the second biggest European operator, or Telefónica O2 in Spain.

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Benefits for the operator
  • Extension of services
  • Increase in profits
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
Benefits for the customer
  • Reduction in communication costs
  • Other use of opportunities presented by the private branch exchange
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