Reduce Your Phone Bills - It’s Easy!

Are you sure you're not paying more for calling than necessary? We have a solution that substantially cuts bills for calling to mobile phones – a GSM/UMTS gateway that can be used in the family, when doing business or in smaller enterprises.

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Need: Cost Savings

Customer: Retail & SOHO

In most cases, mobile-to-mobile calls are cheaper than mobile-to-fixed line calls and this is how the whole “trick” works. Just like a mobile phone, a GSM/UMTS gateway is equipped with a SIM card, and can be used as an intermediary when calling from the fixed line to the mobile network. It is possible to connect a classic telephone, fax or computer for sending SMS messages to any GSM/UMTS gateway produced by 2N Telekomunikace.

You just carry on as you did before, only this time your bills will be lower. A GSM gateway can also be connected to a private branch exchange, which will automatically route calls to mobile networks and thus reduce costs. Buy a GSM gateway as an advantageous alternative to the fixed line at home or in the company. You can also use it as a primary connection in remote areas where there is no chance to run a fixed line.

Suggested products for: Retail & SOHO

Benefits for the customer
  • Reduction in payments for calls
  • Higher flexibility for the family and employees
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages from a PC
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