Reduce the Costs of Calls - Using a GSM Gateway

Telecommunication charges can represent a significant part of company costs. If you are trying to bring them down, you are going the right way to improve the overall management of your company.

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Need: Cost Savings

Customer: Retail & SOHO

2N gateways can reduce your calling costs to all networks by almost 80%! All gateways are equipped with an automated saving solution, which always selects the cheapest connection route depending on the number being called, the time of call or free credit on the specific SIM card. Gateways are also equipped with other features such as CallBack or Mobility Extension, which cut the costs of roaming charges and make the work of all employees more efficient.

The sooner you opt for a 2N gateway, the sooner you will start saving your costs on calls. Our Interactive Calculator will simply figure out how much you have lost this month. Contact our Sales Department and ask for details. If you have already decided, you can order the GSM gateway right now.

Suggested products for: Retail & SOHO

Main advantages
  • Reduction in costs
  • Mobility of employees
  • Higher work efficiency
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fast return on investment
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