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If your company’s efficiency is a priority (as your visit to this site clearly suggests), you are certainly looking for opportunities not just to make money, but also to cut overheads. We have a solution that will substantially reduce your calling costs from fixed to mobile phones – high-performance GSM/UMTS gateways operating with PRI, BRI and VoIP interfaces. The gateway is connected to your private branch exchange and thanks to intelligent call routing (LCR) it is able to recognize calls to a GSM network, and even distinguish between the codes of individual operators. A call is then smartly routed to the specific SIM card according to tariff price and number of free minutes.

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Need: Cost Savings

Customer: Small and Medium Enterprise

Another saving can be achieved by CallBack, which can be used by your employees when calling from business trips to foreign countries. The caller simply rings the number at the PBX. This is not answered; instead, the PBX calls him/her back with a dialling tone. Then the caller acts as if they are sitting in their office – they simply dial the number of the called person within the company or the number of an external participant. The call is charged at the tariff for calling abroad, i.e. at a cheaper rate than roaming.

Save on calls within your company and enjoy other advantages and features brought to you by GSM/UMTS gateways. You will increase company efficiency and explore the very latest possibilities of modern communication.

Suggested products for: Small and Medium Enterprise

Benefits for the customer
  • Reduction in communication costs
  • Possibility to receive and send SMS messages
  • Support to 3G/UMTS network
  • CallBack
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