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You must have wondered sometimes what to offer those customers without a fixed line who would like to enjoy its advantages, or who have one, but for some reason are dissatisfied with it. We too have put our minds to the problem, and the result is a full-value alternative to the fixed line with plenty of other features, including a high-speed Internet connection.

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Need: Wireless internet and calling

Customer: System Integrator

The solution we offer is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and will enable you to address both your current as well as a new spectrum of customers. It is based on the mobile availability in a UMTS network, thereby enabling it to satisfy the needs of customers who cannot take advantage of ADSL. You can therefore win new customers in remote areas or among companies requiring a mobile solution. The UMTS series of products offer IP PBX features or the ability to send faxes, in addition to the high-speed Internet connection (7.2 Mb/s) and the chance to connect an analogue telephone. Calls, data and fax transmissions can of course be carried out simultaneously. Other services of 2N UMTS products include sending SMS messages.

Offer the simplicity and mobility of UMTS services to your current and new customers before your competitors do.

Suggested products for: System Integrator

Benefits for the system integrator
  • Reaching new customer sectors
  • Fast installation and easy maintenance
  • Single product with many functions
Benefits for the customer
  • Availability of the solution anywhere
  • Single device for entire office communication
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Cost saving on calls
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