Offer Lift Phones that Satisfy Both Regulations and Expectations

Perhaps you are trying to decide how to solve two-way emergency communication from the lift cabin in a way that complies with EN 81-28 and EN 81-70. We have two such solutions for you – the 2N® SingleTalk and 2N® LiftNet lift phones. Select the one that better suits your needs depending on your type of building.

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Need: Lift Emergency Calling

Customer: System Integrator

2N® SingleTalk is intended for use in lifts where communication from the cabin to the machine room is all that is required. In its “compact” version, it can be installed behind the lift panel or anywhere in the cabin. It can be connected directly to a PSTN telephone line (from where it gets its power), a GSM gateway or any PBX. The other system - 2N® LiftNet – is suitable if your customer needs a more complex solution for a group of lifts. It makes it possible to connect up to 8 lift shafts with complete communication (the cabin, shaft, top of the cabin and machine room) via a single telephone line or GSM gateway using only a 2-wire bus. The LiftNet system also provides your customers with a unique conference-calling feature between communication units within the shaft and the machine room.

Offer your customers a simple solution for two-way emergency communication from the lift cabin. 2N® SingleTalk and 2N® LiftNet lift phones are technologically advanced and elegantly simple devices that meet legal standards as well as requirements for comfortable operation.

Suggested products for: System Integrator

Benefits for the integrator
  • Expanding the customer base
  • Offering a certified, high-standard device
  • Unique competitive advantage - a solution with excellent price-performance ratio
Benefits for the customer
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Safe solution corresponding to the statutory requirements
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