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If your aim is to offer your customers comprehensive solutions and you propose to interlink individual components into a single, perfectly working unit, then you will certainly appreciate the system of Helios door intercoms, offered as analogue and IP models.

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Need: Door Access Communication

Customer: System Integrator

The analogue model is connected either to a private branch exchange (PBX), or, by means of a SIM card in the GSM gateway, to a mobile network or mobile phones. It can also be directly connected to the public telephone network (PSTN). Helios IP Vario is particularly suitable if you have been introducing complete IP telephony. No telephone wiring is necessary because the door intercom is connected to LAN or WAN, or via an external Wi-Fi unit (not included in the package). In both cases, using Helios brings many advantages, such as the ability to open a door by means of a numerical code, card or phoning from the office.

The operator can not only hear their visitors, but thanks to the built-in camera, watch them as well. The image is transmitted to a PC screen or mobile phone display, which can also be used to open the door remotely. The Helios IP Vario further enables you to open the door using the Internet. A new feature is the integrated display, which means that using the menu and searching for contacts is very user friendly. Your customers will surely appreciate the opportunity to present the company logo or display their products. Naturally, you can rely on our products having a modern design and high quality manufacture, which ensures a long service life even in adverse weather conditions.

Why not offer this modern solution to your customers. It will perfectly fit in with the technology of their whole system and take it one step higher. Helios is an excellent solution, both for office buildings and the residential sector.

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Benefits for the integrator
  • Extending your offer
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increasing satisfaction and strengthening customer loyalty
Benefits for the customer
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Movement without keys
  • Remote opening
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