Live or recorded announcements in shops and entertainment facilities

In every shopping and entertainment centre, it is necessary to make a live or recorded announcement from time to time. This announcement can be made universally (through all speakers) or specifically (to specific zones).

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Need: PA Systems

Customer: Design firm

The 2N® Net Mic enables both live and recorded announcements to any desired zone. Operating staff simply select the chosen zone(s) by pressing a button and can start talking, or play a pre-recorded message. Thanks to status indicators for the given zone (stand-by = you can speak, busy = a different announcement is being made in that zone), the operator cannot interrupt an announcement being made.

The 2N® Net Mic uses the existing structured cabling or Wi-Fi signal and so needs no audio cable installation. It is an ideal solution for shopping, entertainment and wellness centres or various types of gym. It is the ideal accessory for the 2N® Net Audio Decoder IP Audio system, which enables music to be broadcast and recorded advertisements to be played at set times.

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Benefits for design firm
  • Audio broadcasting to the zone(s) of your choice
  • Listening in to audio announcements in various zones
  • Ability to connect anywhere in the network (IP solution)
  • Simple and convenient operation (even without a computer)
  • Simple configuration via the 2N® IP Audio Control Panel app
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