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You may be one of those companies or institutions vitally dependent on your ability to communicate with the world around you. Financial institutions, hospitals, rescue services, government institutions or service providers, as well as many other organizations, will warmly appreciate the certainty offered by back-up solutions from 2N.

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Need: Back-Up solutions

Customer: System Integrator

Our products can back up analogue, digital ISDN BRI as well as ISDN PRI or VoIP interfaces. Back-up is ensured via mobile operator networks, either using GSM or UMTS. In the event you lose your primary connectivity, all calls are subsequently routed via these mobile networks. Back-up solutions can be constantly monitored and at the same time connected to network operation centres. These then can immediately receive information on any failure of the primary connection by e-mail, SMS message or an SNMP trap.

If you decide to implement a back-up solution made by 2N on behalf of a customer, there is also the chance to sell other services in future, since these products enable much more than simply backing up the communication interface. Features include, e.g. 2N Mobility Extension, sending and receiving bulk SMS messages, VoiceMail, etc.

Suggested products for: System Integrator

Benefits for the customer
  • Guaranteed connection
  • Immediate automatic recognition of any failure
  • Chance to use other services
Benefits for the system integrator
  • Easy integration
  • DialThru mode
  • Extensibility
  • Remote monitoring
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