Integrate the intercom into security systems of the building

Office buildings are showcases for the firms that have their offices there; they should be a reflection of their success, progressiveness and stability. Therefore it is desirable to welcome all your visitors not only with a pleasant environment, but also with a perfect intercom at the entrance.

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Need: Integration with CCTV, Access Control to Buildings, Secure Entry to Buildings

Customer: Design firm

The 2N®Helios IP Verso combines luxury design with the latest technologies in the area of communications and security. And because security is currently one of the hottest topics, the 2N® Helios IP Verso contains the most advanced camera in the world of intercoms, with high definition and night vision, which is usually only seen in professional CCTV cameras.

Of course it can be integrated into all security systems, such as a CCTV or access system.

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Benefits for design firm
  • HD Camera with night vision
  • Controlled building access (cards, codes)
  • Supports attendance systems
  • Voice and image to a standard tabletop telephone
  • Integration with CCTV and access control systems
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