Extend Your Centrex Services

If you use the Centrex platform to provide services to your customers, you might be considering upgrading the whole platform. We offer you the possibility to address more customers with a wider range of services and to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

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Need: Centrex services

Customer: Operator

We bring you a solution that suitably supplements your Centrex platform, without having to buy any expensive new licence. With a minimum initial investment you can test whether customers are interested in the new service and if there is a positive response - simply extend the solution. The services you can offer as an accessory include IVR, a conference solution using virtual rooms, the 2N Mobility Extension service and call transferring from a mobile phone, VoiceMail to Email and many others. Customers can use e.g. 2N NetStar Operator software applications for administrating inbound calls or 2N NetStar Communicator software for supporting work outside the office. They will certainly appreciate an easy-to-use tool for monitoring their call history or setting their own profile.

Offer new services to your customers before someone else does. Typical users of the above services are larger companies operating in the commercial sector – banks, logistics companies or state institutions for whom the usual Centrex platform services are insufficient.

Telefónica O2, for example, uses our solution as an accessory to their Centrex services.

Suggested products for: Operator

Advantages for the operator
  • Higher profits on services
  • Better services to customers
  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Fast return on investment
Advantages for the customer
  • Reduction in communication costs
  • Zero operating costs
  • Flexibility and mobility
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